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The CINSim project is located at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Lehrstuhl für Automatisierungstechnik/Informatik . The project is targeted on the development of the simulator CINSim - Component-based Interconnection Network Simulator - for Linux environments. In contrast to the former approach MINSimulate, which was limited to MINs and BMINs, this simulator is designed to simulate various types of network architectures based on atomic components such as switches and buffers. Furthermore, the simulation of dynamically reconfigurable interconnection networks is provided. In this approach, messages remain in the network buffers during a changement of the network behaviour or topology. A weaker approach is static reconfiguration, performed by dropping all remaining messages before switching to a new network configuration.

The simulation is performed by the simulation core, to be controlled at the command-line. The core is widely written in C++ and capable of executing performance analysis of regular and irregular interconnection networks with some boundary conditions to be satisfied. To speed up simulation runs, the simulation can be run in parallel on multi-core CPUs and computer clusters. The simulation setup, including the network description, must be specified by an XML file based on an XML schema. For this purpose, the CINSim project provides a fully schema-driven editor that visualizes the XML document to easily describe interconnection networks. The editor is written in Java and therefore platform independent.

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